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Would you like to withdraw your funds whenever you want, safely, with no fees and at the actual market price?

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Cristobal de Ávila, Castilla y León, España

Recibió 1,200 USD de Chile

hace 5 minutos

About us

We are a new platform that makes it easy to sell and exchange currencies between people without intermediaries or commissions, at the real market price, and in a safe way.

Withdrawing your money with Airtven is very simple and you have ways to do it.
Here we explain how
Selling your currencies to another user

Choose the wallet you want to withdraw the money from.

Add the amount to be withdrawn, the currency of your preference and the way you want to get the money (through a bank account or in cash)

Adding your bank account is very easy

All you have to do is link your bank account, and in a few hours, you'll have your money available.

No commissions or additional rates.

Exchange currencies personally

At Airtven, you can also make a transaction where you meet the person in a public location to buy and sell currencies.

Enjoy the benefits Airtven has to offer How to earn extra money!

Nuestro equipo
Maria Nieves
Diseñadora UX / UI
Alejandro Loyo
Programador / Fundador
Carlos Benitez
Programador / Fundador
Stefany Pool
Marketing Digital
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