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In Airtven we let you know the actual cost of our services and our customers choose how much they want to pay in commissions.

Un sistema justo en el cual nuestros clientes pueden valorar la calidad de nuestros servicios mediante sus contribuciones. Existimos gracias a todos vosotros.

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Cristobal de Ávila, Castilla y León, España

Recibió 1,200 USD de Chile

hace 5 minutos

How does it works?

Every time you make a transaction, either currencies shipment or exchange, we will let you know the actual cost, that is, what it costs Airtven to provide you with that service, so you can evaluate and decide when and when and how much you want to contribute to Airtven’s growth.

If you want to, you can pay more than the actual cost with the goal to collaborate to our expansion. You can also decide not to pay and we will take that as a critic to improve our services.

Why this payment modality?

We think that offering a maximum quality service; we can make a higher and longer commitment with our customers, building a great team with them and creating the capacity to go on the same direction of interests thanks to the confidence of the transparency we offer.

Is this commissions payment method forever?

That's what we want. At this day, Airtven is in the beta phase, so the users can benefit from the confidence that we gave trusting them with the responsibility of being able to decide how much they want to pay us.

Our mission is to grow and reach every big and little space of the planet with the possibility of collaborating with transparency and being an enterprise that does not abuse their customers with secret or exorbitant commissions.

Nuestro equipo
Maria Nieves
Diseñadora UX / UI
Alejandro Loyo
Programador / Fundador
Carlos Benitez
Programador / Fundador
Stefany Pool
Marketing Digital
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